[FAKER X VANDYTHEPINK] Varsity Jacket - Green



MATERIAL: 50% Wool, 50% Polyester



Handle with Care:

*Warning: This product may bleed onto other garments or objects* When using or storing the fabric, handle it gently
to minimize the risk of friction-induced bleeding.
Avoid contact of the arm fabric and body fabric to avoid bleeding.

Spot Clean Only:

Use a dry, clean towel to gently blot or wipe the fabric
for cleaning purposes. If a stain persists on the arm fabric
despite gentle cleaning, try using a small amount of rubbing alcohol as a spot treatment. Always test the cleaning solution on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility with the fabric.

Avoid Water:

Do not expose the fabric to water, as it may trigger bleeding from wool to leather. Keep the fabric dry at all times.

Avoid Friction:

Handle the fabric with care, to prevent friction that can lead to bleeding. Store the fabric separately from materials that may cause friction. 


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